South Bend Clutch 13125-FEK 550hp/1100tq with 13" Flywheel fits 1988-2004 5 & 6 Speed NON ETH

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South Bend SBC13125-FEK clutch kit with upgrade 13 inch flywheel, uses stock 1 1/4" input shaft. Rated 550HP/1100TQ. Fits 1988-2004 NV4500 5 speed and 1999-2000.5 6 speed (non H.O.) **Won't fit 2001+ 6 speed.

13125-FEK ---- 13" Feramic clutch kit w/ flywheel 550 hp 1100 trq. Not recommended for towing or stock applications

Stage: 3
Use: FE
Ft-Lbs: 550hp, 1100 torque

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