LarryB's TSR1 Diesel Fuel Tank Draw Straw Sump Repair Kit For 1994-2004 Dodge


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A rusty or cracked fuel tank spigot may cause air and/or fuel leaks where the fuel lines connect to the tank. Other draw straws use a rigid and straight straw that does not use the stock sump. This causes draw straws to suck air when the fuel sloshes in the tank. Especially with low fuel.

Our kit uses the stock sump so there is no slosh or "1/4 Tank Problems".

Fits Dodge Cummins 1994-2004. This kit replaces the steel/plastic portion of the tank unit with sturdy rust proof aluminum, brass and stainless parts. This will also work with the tank units that have the plastic tubes coming out of the tank unit.

Also includes 24" of both sizes of marine grade hose required to connect to the steel lines by the tank.

Install Instructions PDF HERE

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