LarryB's BCRK Battery Cable Repair Kit For Dodge Cummins 1994-2009


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When you crank your Dodge Cummins, the Denso Starter draws about 800 amps. This puts a huge toll on all the cable connections, rendering cheap auto parts store replacement clamp-on battery cable ends useless for such a big job.

Ours can handle it. With so many dud options out there, we're confident in hailing ours as the best battery cable repair available. With military-grade truck battery terminals, it's the next best thing to discontinued OEM stock cable.

The best way to fix damaged cable ends is to use our crimp and solder ring connectors on your existing cables, alongside our military style bolt on terminal clamps. Larry recommends both crimping and soldering for the best trouble free connection.

This kit includes everything you need to replace the ends on all four cables in your 1994 thru 2009 Dodge with the Cummins Diesel engine.

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LarryB's Battery Cable Repair Kit Features:

  • 2pc Negative, 2pc Positive Military Battery Clamps
  • 4pc Pre tinned 2/0 cable end lugs with heat shrink tube
  • 1pc #6 pre=tinned cable end lug for fusebox cable
  • 6pc cable end ring connectors for body ground wires,
  • LarryB's Inexpensive, easy to use crimping tool
  • Use with hammer, vise or press

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