LarryB's 8250EX COMPLETE Rebuild Kit For Denso Starter 228000-2292, 428000-5940

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This kit contains all the parts you need to rebuild your Denso 2.5KW starter in your Dodge/Cummins 1994-2006. Denso Starters 228000-2292,428000-5940

  • LarryB's SUPER Solenoid contacts 2pc
  • Solenoid plunger with center contact
  • Starter brushes, 4pc (some soldering required)
  • Brush holder plate with new springs
  • "LarryBs" brand starter removal wrench, 10mm 12pt
  • Armature bearings, both large and small
  • Clutch/pinnion drive with bearings

This kit also works on Cummins starters #3964427

LarryB's Part# 8250EX

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