LarryB's 1 417 413 047 Overflow Valve For Dodge Cummins W/Bosch P7100 94-98


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New P7100 overflow return pressure regulator valve. Includes 2 new sealing washers. Part # 1 417 413 047. Fits Dodge Ram with Cummins, 94-98 12 valve. This overflow valve regulates the primary pressure inside the injection pump. If this pressure is not within standards it can effect your timing, injector function and a number of other factors. This can cause your engine to run poorly in many ways. Low RPM stumble, low power, excess smoke, hard starting, poor fuel mileage. Check your fuel pressure. It should be around 20psi at idle and rise to around 27psi when you rev it up without a load. This overflow valve is the new style with the ball type spring retainer, not the old double bolt head type. 12MM x 1.5 thread.Be sure to check for other fuel flow restrictions, such as plugged primary filter (screen under your fuel heater), fuel filter, fuel lines etc.

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